Introduction By Darryl Gumm, Website Founder

Everyone has a story to tell. Many never get to tell their stories for a multitude of reasons. In my case, Iíve written letters to the editors of newspapers. These letters told some of my stories and I stopped writing them because of an email that was sent to my wife by one of my relatives, suggesting that I stop writing. Another person who objected to my writing was a former customer of mine. He was so upset by one of my letters, he called my boss and encouraged him to fire me. In addition to that, he told my boss to assign another salesperson to his account and encouraged all of his friends not to work with me.

One of my lifeís lesson has been the reality of the price that sometimes must be paid for expressing ourselves. Another of my lifeís lesson is coming to the realization that some stories just need to be told, regardless of the cost for doing so..

This website is my story. I founded it in 2004 and havenít added much content to it until now, 16 years later. Itís not perfect, Iím not perfect, nobody is perfect and nothing is perfect, and thatís OK.

Be an Instrument of is the result of much reflection and real life experiences. During the month of February 2004, I volunteered to teach Sunday school at Ebenezer United Church of Christ in Sheboygan, Wisconsin (USA). Our lesson plan was to learn about Mother Teresa, reflect on the various problems in the world, select which was the most pressing problem, and explain what we would do to help solve that problem. Whereas I teach and lead by example, I participated with my students, in this exercise.

I selected war as the most pressing problem in the world. It has been said that war, more than any other factor, is the cause of famine, homelessness, orphans, mental illness, budget deficits, environmental decay, and a host of other problems. War is simply humanityís failure to occupy planet Earth in a harmonious fashion.

I told my students what I was doing to try to rid the world of war. This included wearing a peace tie, writing a poem entitled, Peaceful Living, and putting a bumper sticker on my car which reads, Live Peacefully. I also told them how I try to actually live peacefully. However, while vacationing in Siesta Key, Florida during March of 2004, I seriously reflected on this whole issue of war. After much thought, I decided to do more to stem the trend toward violent acts, sometimes referred to as war, other times referred to as terrorism. I am a writer, and as a writer, I will use this website to share my knowledge, observations and views about a wide variety of issues which either contribute to war and terrorism, or peace and harmony. Guest writers on this site will also share their knowledge and opinions.

It is my firm belief that each and every person on planet Earth either contributes to humanityís success or its failure. Humanityís failure is war, violence and terrorism. Humanityís success is peace and harmony for everyone, not just a select few. It is my hope this website will inspire me and humanity to be instruments of peace.

Peace be with you!

Darryl M. Gumm, Founder

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